What is Cold Chain?
A cold chain is the process of distributing perishable goods at low temperatures. Maintaining freshness is crucial for fresh foods like seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits as they pass through various stages of distribution from the producer to the final consumer.
Why Cold Chain Should Be Blockchain-Based
Key Features of the WeGoChain-Based Cold Chain, 'WeFact’

For Businesses:

  • Use of the Platform at a Reasonable Cost Without High System Construction Costs
  • Resolution of Real-Time Monitoring Challenges for Perishable Goods
  • Reduction in Product Quality Management Costs and Fast Response to Issues
  • Enhanced Customer Trust Through Transparent Information Disclosure

For Customers:

  • Easy Real-Time Access to Distribution Status and Temperature/Humidity Information via QR Code Scans
  • Access to Original Information Automatically Collected and Transmitted from the Distribution Site Through Blockchain, ensuring data is not unilaterally altered by sellers or distributors.
A Cold Chain Monitoring System that Transparently Shares Distribution Information with Producers and Consumers