Blockchain-Based Smart Farm System
  • 1

    Temperature and humidity data (under 16MB low-capacity data), measured in real-time via sensors, are collected and analyzed through an integrated controller and stored on the blockchain

  • 2

    Video data (over 16MB high-capacity data), collected via CCTV, are distributed and stored on a private IPFS through an integrated controller

  • 3

    Based on the collected data, the integrated controller automatically adjusts heating and ventilation to maintain optimal growing conditions

  • 4

    Administrators can remotely control the system from anywhere, at any time, using a web-based control program on mobile, tablet, or PC

  • 5

    The blockchain and IPFS storage records are logged in a database, acting as an index for fast data retrieval.

Blockchain-Based Solar Panel History Management System
  • 1

    At the manufacturing plant, as panels are produced, their serial numbers and related information are recorded on the blockchain

  • 2

    From panel usage to disposal and recycling stages, all histories are recorded on the blockchain, and anyone can easily access them through blockchain QR codes